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Guys and Dolls
Words and Music By Frank Loesser


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You'll need RealPlayer to listen to these files.  if you don't already have it click below:

(In show order)

Overture Sample  
Runyonland Sample  
Fugue for Tinhorns Sample  
Follow The Fold Sample  
Oldest Established Sample  
I'll Know Sample  
Bushel and a Peck Sample  
Adelaide's Lament Sample  
Guys and Dolls Sample  
Havana Sample  
If I Were a Bell Sample  
My Time of Day Sample  
I've Never Been In Love Before Sample  
Take Back Your Mink Sample  
More I Cannot Wish You Sample  
Crapshooter's Ballet Sample  
Luck Be A Lady Sample  
Sue Me Sample  
Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat Sample  
Marry the Man Today Sample  
Note: These tracks are provided as production aids.  It is the responsibility of the theatre venue to secure permission from the licensor prior to using tracks in a live performance.



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